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beasley lounge

Lounge Manager:
Mark Emde
Day-to-Day Operations Manager
Herb Kraning



Sunday = Closed
Monday = 6pm - 1am
Tuesday - Friday
= 4pm - 1am
Saturday =  6pm - 1am


Jenni Emde
Tuesday &
Heather Angus
Jen Michael
& Friday
Heather Angus
or Surprise?

The Beasley Lounge is open and doing business at 255 South 6th Street, Newark.

Come down and join us at the New Beasley Lounge.  We have a new 22 foot shuffle board table, a large flat sceen HD TV, and a new "U" shaped bar.

We restored a 127 year old bar mirror and cabinets, they look terrific, you need to see them to truly appreciate how incredible they look.  The old "I" tabletop is also at the new place.  We have an outdoor patio and best of all there are not any steps in our new building!!!!"

We are also now licensed and selling Class III tickets (pull-offs), come down and try your luck.

Look for the neon "OPEN" sign in the front window.

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