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Memorial to Licking County's Fallen Officers The Loyal Partner

Thomas Roach, Jr.
Newark Police Department
Died Nov 29, 1886

Walter Bosscawen
Newark Police Department
Died Jul 10, 1915

Harry C. Beasley
Newark Police Department
Died Jul 2, 1931

Frederick Offenburger
Union Twp Police Department
Died Sep 8, 1982

Barry K. Harper
Licking County Sheriff
Died Nov 8, 19983

Jody Dye
Ohio State Patrol
Died Jul 5, 1985

On an earthly beat, in the black of the night,
There walks a man in blue,

But now there is only one,
Where once there had walked two.

A dog with watchful eyes,
Stands near heaven's pearly gate,
Though the world sleeps below,
And the hour is very late.

As the man in blue walks his beat,
The darkness of the night,
Seeks out the weak,
A brother to those who fear the light.

Hiding in the shadows,
Darkness waits for his chosen one,
Soon he sees the man in blue,
His face warmed by the early morning sun.

The dog's anguished cry,
Shatters the calm of the heavenly streets,
Echoing towards the lonely cop in blue,
Chasing darkness form the street.

The streets are safe and quiet,
For a copy in blue tonight,
As his loyal partner,
Protects him from the darkness of the night


Copyright 2006. Licking County FOP 127. All Rights Reserved.